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I’m Kelsey Hensley, the owner of BGS Fulfillment.  When I tell people I own and manage a fulfillment and distribution company I always get the same look of shock and confusion.  I can tell they are suddenly rethinking their first impression that I’m in my early twenties and wondering why a young woman wants business in the warehousing industry.  This look of shock and awe is almost always followed up with, “what made you decide to get into that”?

That is when I launch into my story.  Some girls grow up wanting to be doctors or teachers or ballerinas but I grew up wanting to be an entrepreneur.  My parents owned their own business and daily I got to see how being a principled business owner can enhance the lives of so many people from employees to customer and vendors.  I centered all my educational and professional pursuits on that end goal.

Thankfully, God gave me a husband who shares in my passion.  We both feel called to run our own business because owning a company gives you the opportunity to be a positive influence in so many people’s lives.  We’ve worked places where owners and leadership have been focused on the almighty dollar instead of the Lord Almighty and as a result have missed opportunities to help those who work for them.  We feel called to help those who work for us develop their skills and abilities so they can better their lives for the long term.  That is why we wanted to be business owners.  So we can make a difference.  So we can fulfill our calling.

Over the years we’ve looked at purchasing several different businesses but it was always the wrong time or the wrong price or just the wrong opportunity for us.  Then in 2017 the right opportunity came along at the right time.  I was transitioning out of a role running a warehousing and distribution company when we found BGS Fulfillment.  My husband was in a position where he could support our family while I worked to grow the company.  We jumped on the opportunity and we’ve never looked back!

Thank you for visiting our website and reading our story.  Whether you are a potential new customer, employee or vendor or a current one, we welcome you to our site.  It is our mission to provide exceptional operations, customer service and systems execution to meet all your warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment needs.


Kelsey Hensley


BGS Fulfillment